Trip to the Philly Zoo


Western Lowland Gorilla

Western Lowland Gorilla

Went on a bus trip to Philadelphia yesterday with my wife Kat and friends Phil and Ruth. Decided not to lug a bunch of photo gear and just try to come up with a couple of cool images with my D300 and an old 28-85 zoom, not prime zoo photography gear. I was wishing for a long lens a few times, but I think I came up with a couple of decent images anyway.

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A “Lightning” quick photo shoot

My good buddy Zach, a United States Marine, stopped by for a visit and to show off his newly acquired Ford Lightning pickup truck during his recent leave. I had to shoot a couple of photos of his awesome new ride, the sun was setting and I just got back from a location lighting seminar with Joe McNally, so I grabbed a camera, couple of Nikon SB-800 flashes and a light stand and we went across the street.

Took a total of five frames, these are the two best. Did this while the steaks and baked potatoes were on the grill.

Corning Glass Museum

The misses and I went to New York last weekend to photograph a co-worker’s wedding. Took advantage of being away from the kids and spent Sunday on our own. Our choices were to visit Watkin’s Glenn State Park or the Corning Glass Museum. The weather made the decision easy, it was raining, so off to the Glass Museum.

I think Kat had more fun there than I did, honestly, I was a little more then bored but I did make a few interesting photos.  This one is of the front of the museum, which of course is all glass.


A taste of the Irish, Rochester style


I’m spending a couple of days in Rochester NY for the NPPA Northern Short Course and ran across this scene while getting lunch today.  Tomorrow will be the big St. Patrick’s Day parade here, but obviously the Irish love to celebrate so they gathered on a street corner in front of the convention center for a little music, dance and to paint a green line on the road in preparation for tomorrow’s parade.



Merry Christmas

Wishing you a safe and happy Holiday season.


While celebrating whatever holiday you celebrate, please take a moment to remember our troops serving overseas. While we are opening presents, eating ham and turkey and enjoying our families, our soldiers, sailors and airmen are cleaning sand from their gear, eating cold MRE’s, and facing enemies that don’t recognize Christmas or what it means. I know it’s not original, but “Freedom isn’t Free.”

God bless our troops.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Potter casts spell over readers

In a crowded Borders Book store, last night, wizards and witches, Seekers and Bluggers, and a host of other characters flitted around. Everyone but “He who must not be named” were there, waiting for the release of the last of J.K. Rowlings’ “Harry Potter” books.

In every corner of the store kids and adults alike could be heard asking “THE” question, “Do you think Harry is gonna die?”

I briefly attended the Potter bash as my kids and mother were there, waiting with the rest of the crazies, all under the Potter spell, “insaneious.” I left early, but not before Moaning Myrtle won “Queen of the Ball” and was one of the first two people in line to buy the book at midnight.


PhotoPro Expo

Just got back from a long day in NYC at the PhotoPro Expo. Some of the highlights of the day were watching Vincent Laforet from the New York Times do a presentation at the Canon booth and meeting Grover Sanschagrin from Sportsshooter at the Photo Shelter booth. Apple had a cool display with all the new MacPro computers and Adobe was presenting it’s Lightroom program.

Let downs were the lack of video equipment and accessories and the long lines at the Nikon booth. One of the main objectives of the day was to gather information on video and play with some of the equipment, but the only manufacturer that had any video gear was Canon. Neither Nikon or Canon are showing anything new in their DSLR lines.

I came away from the show with tired feet, and a new Crumpler bag full of information. NYC