Spending time with the bees

I woke up this morning to an absolutely beautiful day. As I sat on the back porch drinking my coffee, I noticed the bumble bees were busy collecting pollen from our cone flowers.

When I first started shooting photos, many, many years ago, nature, including bugs, was my main focus. I spent countless hours crawling through the local parks shooting photos of dragonflies and birds. I had dreams of becoming a world renown wildlife photographer like Frans Lanting but I quickly realized that being a nature photographer was a very difficult way of making of living and gave up my pursuit and became a news photographer instead.

I have to admit, technology has made close-up photography incredibly easy compared to 25 years ago when I had to work around a set ISO (usually Fuji 50), had to determine exposure, depth of field, use difficult calculus and physics to set up my manual flashes, and run cords to everything.

This morning, I sat my Nikon D7000 on my tripod (the same Bogen I started with back in 1987), attached my AFS80-200 lens, put two SB800 flashes on stands, set them to TTL wireless, and fired away.